Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Willing servants....

I read this in my devotions this morning, and thought it was worth sharing...
Have you ever felt alone? Like there was not many, if any, who had the same burning desire to work for God?
Let me tell you, other's have, too. But Mrs. White says it much better than I ever could...
" Not only is the growth of Christ's kingdom illustrated by the parable of the mustard seed, but in every stage of its growth the experience represented in the parable is repeated. For His church in every generation God has a special truth and a special work. The truth that is hid from the worldly wise and prudent is revealed to the child-like and humble. It calls for self-sacrifice. It has battles to fight and victories to win. At the outset its advocates are few. By the great men of the world and by a world-conforming church, they are opposed and despised. See John the Baptist, the forerunner of Christ, standing alone to rebuke the pride and formalism of the Jewish nation. See the first bearers of the gospel into Europe. How obscure, how hopeless, seemed the mission of Paul and Silas, the two tentmakers, as they with their companions took ship at Troas for Philippi. See "Paul the aged," in chains, preaching Christ in the stronghold of the Caesars. See the little communities of slaves and peasants in conflict with the heathenism of imperial Rome. See Martin Luther withstanding that mighty church which is the masterpiece of the world's wisdom. See him holding fast God's word against emperor and pope, declaring, "Here I take my stand; I can not do otherwise. God be my help." See John Wesley preaching Christ and His righteousness in the midst of formalism, sensualism, and infidelity. See one burdened with the woes of the heathen world, pleading for the privilege of carrying to them Christ's message of love. Hear the response of ecclesiasticism: "Sit down, young man. When God wants to convert the heathen, He will do it without your help or mine."  
     The great leaders of religious thought in this generation sound the praises and build the monuments of those who planted the seed of truth centuries ago. Do not many turn from this work to trample down the growth springing from the same seed today? The old cry is repeated, "We know that God spake unto Moses; as for this fellow [Christ in the messenger He sends], we know not from whence he is." John 9:29. As in earlier ages, the special truths for this time are found, not with the ecclesiastical authorities, but with men and women who are not too learned or too wise to believe the word of God."  'Christ's Object Lessons', pg. 79.
Wow... I love reading in places where you can tell that the author is really into what they are writing. And what a powerful passage that is! I have one more short quote that I would like to share though, just preceding the one above;
"Their poverty, the fewness of their numbers, were urged over and over again as a reason why men should not connect themselves with these simple-minded fishermen who followed Jesus. But the mustard seed was to grow and spread forth its branches throughout the world. When the earthly kingdoms whose glory then filled the hearts of men should perish, the kingdom of Christ would remain, a mighty and far-reaching power.
     So the work of grace in the heart is small in its beginning. A word is spoken, a ray of light is shed into the soul, an influence is exerted that is the beginning of the new life; and who can measure its results?"  'Christ's Object Lessons', pg. 78.
I believe there are so many important lessons here! I'm not even going to try to bring them all out, but I do want to bring out a couple of brief points...
I cannot help but notice that Christ uses those who are humble, and willing.
Will we join with Peter, and Paul, and Luther, and the many others who have seemingly stood alone against the powers of darkness in this world? Will we stand with them, and be willing vessels to carry the glad tidings of the gospel to the ends of the earth?
No matter if you're rich or poor. No matter if you're learned or ignorant. All our Savior seeks, is a willing heart, that He can convert and make rich in His grace, and receive the learning from Him, the greatest Teacher this universe will ever know.
Are we willing?
By His grace, I am. Courage, friends. Let's keep moving forward, as He leads.

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