Thursday, August 30, 2012

An encouraging note...

This guest post was written by Samantha Clark.

Dear Friends,
Last week (August 22) I was hired by a church in Spokane, WA as a Bible worker. This Bible working position is not the traditional job in a sense. Most churches hire a Bible worker just to go door-to-door and give Bible studies. That’s what most people think of. But this church has a different goal. The whole focus of the church is health. Yes, I do go door-to-door and give Bible studies, but I also am heavily involved in the health focus – health surveys, Depression Recovery program, cooking schools, 8 Weeks to Wellness classes, Health Expos, etc. Since I just came to the church and there’s an evangelistic series coming up in about a month and a half, the pastor invited me to go to a meeting with him in Kennewick, WA to get a feel for what the church is trying to accomplish with their focus – so I can focus my pre-work for the evangelistic series in the right direction.
This meeting I went to was incredible! I don’t know what names you are familiar with, but there were a lot of ‘higher up’ people at this meeting – Darrin Bartell (an Amazing Facts evangelist), Jason Worf (leader of NMI, the new Bible college like AFCOE at Walla Walla University), Cody Francis (Pastor, Cheyenne’s brother), Dave Fiedler, Christopher  Kelly, Ricki Cums, Jay Sloop (Head of Medical outreach at the conference), Wayne Kablanow (Pastor that I’m working with) were a few of the names that were there.
All these people with their churches and ministries are doing their best to follow the counsel we’ve been given and present the gospel and the health message together. And they are seeing the need for country outposts where the workers are stationed and they can go into the cities to work. We are not alone! There are others out there striving to follow the counsel we’ve been given, and it is so exciting to see! One person that was there, Dave Fiedler, has a website: . I haven’t looked through the whole website, but it looks like there’s a lot of good info there that’s actually from the vaults of Loma Linda University. Also, they were talking about having vegetarian restaurants where we can reach people who we can’t reach through health evangelism or through Bible work. And they were talking about the need for trained nurses and physicians – though not everyone need to be either of those. But we need lots of medical people – whether medical missionaries or nurses or physicians or nurse practitioners or physician assistants. Medical workers are needed who can go out and be evangelists. There are Bible schools popping up all over the place to train people as Bible workers/evangelists – that’s the purpose of NMI  (Northwest Mission Institute). And the Bible workers are trained to go out and train others to do Bible work. There are a few schools to train in health evangelism, but those are starting to come up also.
So, the purpose of my writing this is so you can be encouraged that there are a few out there who are really wanting to follow counsel. God’s work is accelerating, and it’s so exciting to watch, and even more exciting to be a part of! God will lead each of us to exactly the spot He wants us in this work.

Note: Dave Fiedler and his work were a large part of what inspired us to start this blog! :)

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